Crusoe Spiced Rum


HOW COULD WE MAKE A SPICED RUM WITH BOTTOMLESS FLAVOR? By combining spices & citrus like a pastry chef would for indulgent, layered depth. In spice we trust: CRUSOE Spiced Rum combines the warmth of baking spices with the bright taste of fresh California orange. This is what spiced rum always wanted to be: rich flavor that stands out in cocktails. Add extra depth to your favorite drinks like Cuba Libre, Dark & Stormy, Mojito or Mai Tai. DESCRIPTION: A new kind of spiced rum that elevates the category above the usual suspects TASTING NOTES: Layered baking spices balanced by sweet orange with a caramel finish INGREDIENTS: Blackstrap molasses rum, cinnamon, cloves, vanilla beans, allspice, nutmeg, orange zest, osmanthus and molasses SPICED DAIQUIRI 2 oz CRUSOE Spiced Rum 1 oz fresh lime juice 1 oz simple syrup Shake and strain into cocktail glass Garnish with lime wheel REVIEW “On the nose, there’s some alcohol up front, but give it a minute to settle in the glass and you’ll find lots of allspice and cloves. Take a sip and there’s more of the same, plus more prominent vanilla and cinnamon notes mingling with a background of orange peels. It’s medium-bodied and fresh on the palate, and it finishes with plenty of dry spice.” Kevin Gray, Cocktail Enthusiast